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GardenTech Over'n Out!® Advanced Fire Ant Killer


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  • Fast acting - kills fire ant mounds in 15 minutes
  • Kills mound and the queen
  • Kills, controls and protects for up to 6 months
  • For use on lawns, ornamentals, flowers and home perimeter
  • Water-in area immediately after application

Fire ants are certain. So is our guarantee.

Fire ants are more than a nuisance. These aggressive, stinging pests threaten your family and fun. Ready-to-use, granular Over‘n Out®! Advanced Fire Ant Killer fights fire ants two ways. As a broadcast treatment, it kills on contact and protects against new invasions for up to six months. As a mound treatment, it kills the mound in 15 minutes and the queen within 24 hours, guaranteed.

  • Use outdoors to treat lawns, ornamental gardens, home perimeters and property boundaries. Do not use in vegetable gardens.
  • Wear protective clothing, including long sleeves, long pants and gloves, during handling and application.
  • Apply on calm, rain-free days, when no rain is forecast for 24 hours to prevent drift or runoff.
  • Apply during early morning or late evening, when fire ants are most active.
  • Optimize control by combining targeted mound treatments for existing, visible mounds with broadcast treatment.
  • Keep people and pets away from treated areas until the product is watered in and the area dry.
  • Read the product label and follow application instructions thoroughly.

For broadcast treatments:

  • Distribute granules according to label application rates evenly with a broadcast spreader (best for large areas) or a drop spreader (best for small areas)
  • Sweep scattered granules off driveways and sidewalks back onto lawns.
  • Water immediately after sweeping to release active ingredients. Do not water to the point of runoff.
  • Start watering at the farthest point and work back to avoid contact with wet, treated areas.

For mound treatments:

  • Water mound areas lightly before application, if soil is dry.
  • Distribute 1/2 cup of granules evenly over and around each mound to cover an area 4 feet in diameter.
  • Apply 1 to 2 gallons of water to each mound area, according to label instructions, to release active ingredients and move solution into tunnel areas
  • Do not add extra water. Too much water can cause mound damage and trigger mound relocation.

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