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Oatey® Safe-Flo® 1 lb. Silver Wire Solder Display


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Oatey® Safe-Flo® Lead-Free Plumbing Wire Solder is a silver bearing wire solder designed for joining copper plumbing and potable water line applications. Its wide melt range enables more time for soldering joints. Oatey products have earned the trust of plumbing professional for over 100 years.

1 lb.
Lead-free silver bearing wire solder
Meets the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act
Copper, bismuth, tin and silver alloy provides low melt point
Designed for joining copper plumbing and potable water line applications
0.084 in. gauge
100% lead-free solder
420°-460°F melting range
Not recommended for use on aluminum
Unlimited shelf life
Approved to NSF / ANSI / CAN 61

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